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    President                 Jessica Kinsman, High School     
    Vice President         Steve Shannon, High School           
    Secretary                 Karen Henderson, Beaver Brook
    Treasurer                 James Robbins, High School

Building Representatives:

    Center Elementary School - Christine Hoyt
    Beaver Brook Elementary - Karen Bonner, Marylou Wales, Adrienne Whalen
    Woodsdale Elementary School - Laura Johnson, Kristen Lasky
    Frolio Middle School - Becky Petersen, Mark Regalbuto
    Abington High School - Sherrill Culbert, Matt Holzman (one position open)
    Unit B - Beth Golden, Woodsdale

PCEA Representative: Robin Gilpatrick

MTA Rep: Steve Day

Abington Education Association
"...our prime purpose is to provide education of the highest possible quality for the children of Abington and that good morale within the teaching staff of Abington is essential to acheivement of that purpose..."

Preamble to the Agreement between the School Committee and the AEA